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Application to Adopt


Email Address*


Please list best contact phone numbers


Who are you interested in?*

Type of Domicile*

Best description of your living arrangement, how long you have lived there any plans to move in the next year? Please indicate it your rent and include the name and contact information for your landlord.

HOA or other Pet Restrictions*

Describe if Yes

Fenced Yard*

If Yes: What type of fence? If No: How do you plan on exercising your new pet?

Family Members*

Who lives in your home, and what are their ages?

Other Pets in the Home

Please let us know about other animals currently in your house by breed and age, if you currently don't have any, please list any pets you've had in the last 3 years.

Looking for your new friend?*

How long have you been considering adopting another pet?


Who is your current vet, or who do you intend to use once your adoption is complete?


Does anyone in your household have allergies and what will you do if someone develops them after adopting your new family member?

Alone time*

How long will your new pet be left alone on a daily basis? Outside? Inside?


Describe how you plan to introduce your new pet to your human family members and their animal family members?

Return /Relinquish

What are some reasons you would have to return or relinquish your new pet? Has this ever happened to you before?

Behavior Scenarios*

How would you handle the following: Potty in the house? Pulling on leash? Chewing? Biting? Scratching? Jumping? Destroys household items?

Pet Expenses?*

How do you plan on handling vet expenses should your new pet need them?


Where do you intend to enroll in training for your new pet?

Thank you! Your application was sent successfully, Volunteers will get back to you in 48 hours.

Please take your time in filling out our application for adoption.  We will verify the information on your application and any information entered intentionally fraudulently will prevent you from adopting through Maximum Chance Rescue.  We are looking for the perfect matches!

We do not adopt to anyone outside Illinois.  Please do not fill out an application from outside Illinois as you will not get a response.  Our volunteers typically respond back to completed applications within 24-48 hours from receipt of a completed application, unless the animals need us.



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